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Противогололедные реагенты

Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride
Bottle of 5 L — 299,00 RUR Bottle of 1 L — 90,00 RUR

Противогололедные реагенты

Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride
Sack of 25 kg — 720,00 RUR

The prices are valid till 01.04.2012

Solid Deicing Product “Anti-Ice”

Description and characteristics:
Solid deicing product produced in two types - Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, is destined for treatment of roads, street, pedestrian precincts, staircases and pavements. Is activated during the contact with snow and ice in the temperature range from 0°С to - 25°С.

Calcium and magnesium chloride are packed as follows:
— sacks of 25 kg;
— bottles of 5 L;
— bottles of 1 L.

Composition: Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride.
Properties: is produced in form of granules or flakes, odorless. Dissolves well in water. Saves the flowability at the low temperatures up to -50°С.

The material is hygroscopic! IS NOT INFLAMMABLE! Ready for use!

Mode of usage:
Before the start of territory treatment it is necessary to clear the surface from loose snow. To remove the ice spread the product uniformly on the treated surface based on the following norm (according to the thickness of ice) of consumption, gram for m2. If necessary, to achieve the desirable result the treatment will be repeated.
Precautions measures:
In case of skin contact the solid deicing product “Anti-Ice” performs weak irritating action. The point of the contact with the product should be washed with the running water and soap. Like in all types of work with any chemical compound it is recommended to use the individual means of protection.
To keep out of the reach of children and domestic animals, to store in the dry places in covered warehouses. The material is hygroscopic!

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